inbetween (cathartic) wrote,

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A few years ago the mayor (I think) offered a similar proposal in my city, but eventually it was decided to castrate the stray cats instead, which is awful but it could've been worse, and there is some benefit to the cats in the new situation.

If it were up to me, people who want to kill cats would be castrated.

It's nice to hear from you. I really miss reading what you have to say.

i'm still around; but am having some trouble putting things into words at the moment. soon enough i'll start updating more often; right now i am in a stagnet sort of phase.

would you be up for mail coorespondence at all? i really enjoy talking with you.
xo - keep in touch
I think it will be great. There was many times I wanted to send you a mail but I didn't know if you check your box while you're not around. I missed talking to you lately.