inbetween (cathartic) wrote,

absolutely appalled - more death on the television. Diabetics without food or insulin, men and women in dire conditions. Perhaps the most captivating and moving image I've seen today: a man slumped over in his wheelchair, apparently dead, with a short note written to help identify his loved ones. The man knew he would die and wrote out his final words amid such despicable conditions. I just broke out crying because of the absolute and total devastation. People who have lived without food, water, and shelter are now living without hope. It looks as though people are barely hanging on; women who are full term with their pregnancies wading through the sewage infested water, persons going through shock, and the elderly suffering in grotesque conditions.

It has been reported that some food and water was finally dropped; after four days a small amount of aide has come in. The amount has only sustained a couple hundred people - where more than 20,000 are still waiting to die or be picked up and shipped to refugee camps. These people look as though they are loosing all semblance of hope. It is heartbreaking and shocking to see this going on within this country.

The astrodome, in Texas has agreed to accept 25,000 refugees. The people in New Orleans were told that "help is on the way" and that they will be shipped to Texas and be fed and taken care of. It has now come to light that the astrodome is no longer accepting anymore refugees. There is approx. 8,000 people there. There are still tens of thousands of people barely living, amid sewage. Where are these people going? Has the government thought about this? And why is it so difficult to drop water and food from an airplane or helicopter? These people are starving and suffering right in front of us, and all the money that has been raised and the $10.5 billion aide that has passed in the senate is not being put to use fast enough. Why are things taking this long? People are dying; the conditions keep getting worse day by day.
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