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going nowhere blindfolded


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day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes


just a simple girl,
with simple thoughts.

going to school for bs in
human development/minor in
women's studies.

growing up in typical outskirts
of anywhere/everywhere/here.

I am riddled with insecurities, &
spend a lot of my time working on
this; trying to become a better
person. My outlook on life &
living as a positive person has
changed in the four yrs since I've
started this journal. I use this
as a perspective on my life & the
changes I've gone through & have
made. I welcome new friends,
especially those who are inspiring
& who dream about a life less ordinary.

I find solace in expressing my
emotions & feelings. This online
journal of sorts helps me sort
things out. It helps me understand.

"the eyes of others our prisons:
their thoughts our cages."

~virginia woolf

allen ginsburg, amateur love, anais nin, andy warhol, angela davis, anne sexton, anything spicy, arab strap, art deco, autumn in wisconsin, bardo pond, bauhaus, belle and sebastian, billie holiday, bjork, black heart procession, blonde redhead, brave new world, broken antique dolls, cat power, cheap vintage stores, cooking italian/mexican/or thai food, criminal acts of love, cult films, dar williams, dumpster diving, e.e. cummings, eagles of death metal, edward gorey, emo suicides, emotion driven people, exploring the unknown, explosions in the sky, famous blue raincoat, flappers, fyodor dostoyevsky, gloomy sundays, godspeed you black emperor!, holocaust history, humanistic collages, hunter s. thompson, idealism, if you're feeling sinister, interpol, japanese wood carvings, joy division, jucifer, kurt vonnegut, kyuss, leonard cohen, lessons in life, living life as art, low-fi rock aesthetics, medical science, melora creager, melvins, methadone for pain management, minimalistic sound, minneapolis, mixed cds/tapes, mogwai, my bloody valentine, new wave, photography, pj harvey, portishead, positivity, qotsa, queer theory, radiohead, rasputina, raw food, riot girl movement, royal tenenbaum, rozz williams, running through fields, sarcasm, sewing, sex, shadow project, sigur ros, single-minded affairs, siouxsie sioux, sleater-kinney, smoking good pot, snail mail correspondence, sonic youth, spiritualized, stanley kubrick, stargazing, stereolab, strong convictions, super furry animals, sylvia plath, talking heads, the cure, the power of persuasion, the velvet underground, the white stripes, theme parties, tim burton, tori amos, torn between up&down, vinyl/records, walking on abandoned traintracks, william burroughs, women's studies, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, zines

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